Sunday, April 17, 2011

Full Disclosure

As I start this blog, and my happiness project, I realize that my thoughts are being put out there for anyone and everyone to see. I am not nearly as worried about what a stranger passing through will think as I am about what certain people closer to me will think. I have many different social circles that I associate with, and they're each exposed to varying levels of detail in my life. Because I am using this blog as a way to document my thoughts and feelings while I formulate, and eventually live out, my happiness project I will probably be tending to the side of more detail. Some readers will not see anything different in this exposure as it is what they are used to getting from me; however, others may read things that they did not expect. Thus, my full disclosure note.

So, as a way to hopefully avoid any uncomfortable encounters with people as I write, I will be sure to label posts that include more intimate details or 'controversial' topics as TMI (too much information). This way,  you, as the reader, have the choice about whether or not you continue reading. The title of the post will also give you an idea about what will be disclosed.