Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday's Letters (Inner Bitch Edition)

Dear Getting in Touch with your Inner Bitch calendar, I love you. That's all. (as you can see above, this week was a real winner as far as calendar quotes goes) Dear Point in Time Count, I am glad you're over so I can work on getting my sleep schedule back to normal. On a more serious note, we found four people sleeping outside on Wednesday night and that is four too many. But it proved to be an eye opening experience for many volunteers. Dear life,  Sometimes, you're a little too much for me handle. I got some good advice last night that I plan to use to make you a little simpler: stop thinking so much, everything doesn't need to fit in a perfect little doesn't exist. Dear self, Let's make this new chapter in life the best ever. There are some good things coming up and there isn't anything to do but enjoy them.


Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday's Letters

 left:the amazing dinner, prepared by Cena chef & assistant//
top right:hot day for a golf scramble at Reid//bottom right: Patti's amazing dinner party

Dear Mother Nature, Thanks for the much needed rain & temperature drop! I really wouldn't mind this for another whole week :) Dear Mom, Thank you again for helping me unpack and get a little more situated in my new place! And for the sweet garage sale find for my closet. You rock. Dear EF College Break Trip, I cannot wait to book you within the next week! Eeee. 30 days in Europe with a group of strangers? signmeupnowbeforeibackout. Dear Life, Sometimes you confuse me, and throw curve balls that I don't understand. Let's work on better communication, ok? Dear ABC Scholars, I cannot wait to meet you in a few weeks! I'm ready for a life changing year. Dear Otis, Thanks for being such a perfect puppy to dog sit for a week. It was sad saying goodbye. 

Click below to check out the blog that inspired me to start doing Friday's Letters &  to blog more regularly!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Throwing Caution to the Wind

THEY'RE HERE!!!! 2013 Trip Details for EF College Break!!

Here are my top two choices:
Oh, my gosh. I am so ready to book this trip! I just don't know which one to choose...

Here are my thoughts:
  • Not worried at all about the price/length difference. I mean, $500 and 5 days? No sweat off my brow there.
  • The Panorama tour includes Dublin. BONUS.
  • Grand Tour includes an extra day in Amsterdam, more Italy cities, and Madrid. BONUS.
So, basically, I need to decide between three days in Dublin, or extra cities in Italy/Spain. Thoughts, anyone??

Although I still need to decide which trip I'm going to take, I think I have decided on leaving in June (22 if I choose Panorama, 24 if I choose Grand Tour). The boys will all be done with school and back home or with their host families, and I will have a few weeks to decompress and get ready for this trip. I still need to figure out which airport makes the most sense for me to leave from - but that really just comes down to price. I am comparing Madison, Chicago and Minneapolis. 

The other important decision: a backpack. This isn't a rolling luggage or duffel bag kind of trip. This is a "keep-it-light-because-it-will-all-be-on-your-back" kind of trip. Yup. I get to live out of a 4lb, 4,400 cubic inch backpack. Probably this one:

Osprey Ariel 75 Pack - Women's 

Wow. I know it isn't for another year, but I'm already so excited. And.So.Nervous. I've started really talking about this with people, which I think makes it feel more real than it ever has. I'm really going to do this. I am going to travel around Europe with a group of people that at this point are complete strangers. I am going to throw caution to the wind and leave the comfort of my home, my friends, my family, my regular daily routine and I am going to travel. I can't wait to see new sites, walk new terrain, smell new smells, and meet new people. 

I have been seriously thinking about this trip for a little over a month now. I first posted it on Facebook back in June (actually, exactly a month ago from today. that has to be a sign, right?!). At first I was met with hesitation when I would bring it up to people. The most common question: what about your job? I hadn't really thought through that detail, and really, I still haven't. But when I found this article last week, I decided that the lingering questions I had about actually taking this trip were pointless. I need to do this. And I need to do this now.

And I'll leave you with this: "You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore." -Christopher Columbus

Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Makings Of...

A tired puppy.
Left and middle: Otis very excited to be going to a play date with his friend, Pooter. 
Right: a tired Otis (top - after dog play date, bottom - after walking the Bret Younger 5k)

So far, the dog sitting week is off to a great start. A wonderful puppy play date last night, a 5k walk this morning, and an afternoon of naps.

Other things accomplished today: 
  • installed a window a/c unit (with the help of my wonderful mom)
  • went to the farmers market and enjoyed cheese curds, mini donuts, and a bucket of mimosa...thus negating all of the good work I did with the 5k walk
  • pulled a tick out of poor Otis's leg. Not sure where or when he got that, but it definitely gave me the heebie geebies! He was such a good sport about it and sat still while I  attempted to get a grip on it & pull it out. Ick, ick, ick!

Oh, and Otis has been farting all afternoon while we have tried to nap. I bet you really wanted to know that, right? 

PS) I'm so happy we are getting some rain! Let's hope the humidity goes down a bit. 

Friday, July 13, 2012


You can't say no to those eyes.
Dear Otis, I'm so excited for a week of long walks, head tilts, and nightly cuddles with you! See you at 630 tonight. Dear weekend, you're jam-packed with plans but I am looking forward to it all! 10k walk, a day at the beach, golf and fancy dinner with friends...and just a few hours of work thrown in there too. Dear Mother Nature, please stay relatively mild this weekend, I want to enjoy all these outdoor activities I have planned! Dear calendar, two things: 1) SLOW DOWN. 2) if we could find a way to add some free time to you in the next few weeks before school starts that would be great, ok? Thanks.

I have decided to attempt to blog my adventures of dog sitting for the next week. The main reason is  so I have somewhere to put all the adorbs photos that I'm going to capture of the Doctor (the cute Boston picture up there, also know as Otis). The other reason is because I want to work on blogging more regularly before the school year starts. The ABC Scholars will start to move in at the end of August/early September and I want to document my first year as the Resident Director. What better way to do that than a blog? So between now and their move in date, I'm going to try to work on finding my "blog voice" and really getting into this thing. I love writing, and I'm sure I will have plenty to share throughout the year as I'm living with 5 (maybe 6 now?) high school boys. Plus, I think it will interesting to compare all of my "before" thoughts, feelings, fears, excitements with what actually happens during the year. (Right now my biggest fear is losing all of my friends because I'm basically kissing my social life goodbye. Uhhm...)

I feel like I have so much to write about today, but am going to save some of it for later blog posts this week.

And we'll end with this little pictorial of my summer so far:

top left:mustache party (go on...)//top middle:living the high life//top right:the Poots&me//right:ladies in 'staches
bottom left:mojito (the drink of summertime)//bottom middle:Stacey&me//bottom right:ladies happy hour

Oh, and...