Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday's Letters (Inner Bitch Edition)

Dear Getting in Touch with your Inner Bitch calendar, I love you. That's all. (as you can see above, this week was a real winner as far as calendar quotes goes) Dear Point in Time Count, I am glad you're over so I can work on getting my sleep schedule back to normal. On a more serious note, we found four people sleeping outside on Wednesday night and that is four too many. But it proved to be an eye opening experience for many volunteers. Dear life,  Sometimes, you're a little too much for me handle. I got some good advice last night that I plan to use to make you a little simpler: stop thinking so much, everything doesn't need to fit in a perfect little doesn't exist. Dear self, Let's make this new chapter in life the best ever. There are some good things coming up and there isn't anything to do but enjoy them.