Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday's Letters

 left:the amazing dinner, prepared by Cena chef & assistant//
top right:hot day for a golf scramble at Reid//bottom right: Patti's amazing dinner party

Dear Mother Nature, Thanks for the much needed rain & temperature drop! I really wouldn't mind this for another whole week :) Dear Mom, Thank you again for helping me unpack and get a little more situated in my new place! And for the sweet garage sale find for my closet. You rock. Dear EF College Break Trip, I cannot wait to book you within the next week! Eeee. 30 days in Europe with a group of strangers? signmeupnowbeforeibackout. Dear Life, Sometimes you confuse me, and throw curve balls that I don't understand. Let's work on better communication, ok? Dear ABC Scholars, I cannot wait to meet you in a few weeks! I'm ready for a life changing year. Dear Otis, Thanks for being such a perfect puppy to dog sit for a week. It was sad saying goodbye. 

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