Friday, July 13, 2012


You can't say no to those eyes.
Dear Otis, I'm so excited for a week of long walks, head tilts, and nightly cuddles with you! See you at 630 tonight. Dear weekend, you're jam-packed with plans but I am looking forward to it all! 10k walk, a day at the beach, golf and fancy dinner with friends...and just a few hours of work thrown in there too. Dear Mother Nature, please stay relatively mild this weekend, I want to enjoy all these outdoor activities I have planned! Dear calendar, two things: 1) SLOW DOWN. 2) if we could find a way to add some free time to you in the next few weeks before school starts that would be great, ok? Thanks.

I have decided to attempt to blog my adventures of dog sitting for the next week. The main reason is  so I have somewhere to put all the adorbs photos that I'm going to capture of the Doctor (the cute Boston picture up there, also know as Otis). The other reason is because I want to work on blogging more regularly before the school year starts. The ABC Scholars will start to move in at the end of August/early September and I want to document my first year as the Resident Director. What better way to do that than a blog? So between now and their move in date, I'm going to try to work on finding my "blog voice" and really getting into this thing. I love writing, and I'm sure I will have plenty to share throughout the year as I'm living with 5 (maybe 6 now?) high school boys. Plus, I think it will interesting to compare all of my "before" thoughts, feelings, fears, excitements with what actually happens during the year. (Right now my biggest fear is losing all of my friends because I'm basically kissing my social life goodbye. Uhhm...)

I feel like I have so much to write about today, but am going to save some of it for later blog posts this week.

And we'll end with this little pictorial of my summer so far:

top left:mustache party (go on...)//top middle:living the high life//top right:the Poots&me//right:ladies in 'staches
bottom left:mojito (the drink of summertime)//bottom middle:Stacey&me//bottom right:ladies happy hour

Oh, and...