Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday's Letters

Who doesn't love an amazing cheese plate?

Dear Kiwanis, You were a little too political for me today. First the joke about no chickens in Appleton. Let's all just agree that the defeating vote on that was about fear of change, not fear of chickens. Then, 10 happy dollars were donated in place of the dinner that said member would have been having at Chik-fil-A if Appleton had one. I don't really care if you do or don't eat at Chik-fil-A, but wanting to eat there and voicing it BECAUSE of their anti-gay remarks is NOT OK. (However, this gives me some comfort!) Dear life, As much as you confuse me, I really am pretty darn happy right now. Dear peanut butter flax seed bars, Stop being so good!!!! Dear Chic to Chic, Thanks for the great deals! I'm loving my new threads and will definitely be making you a staple in my shopping routine now. Dear Copper Rock, I work 7a-4p tomorrow...please be gentle with me.