Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday's Letters

This song has a hold on me lately...

Dear Life, Things are about to get real crazy. I may even need to write SLEEP in my day planner, just to make sure it actually happens. But with everything on in the next few weeks, I just have one request: don't fly by. While it is going to be a madhouse up in hurrr for a little bit, I want to relish in it. Relish in the fact that this is my life, and I'm blessed and healthy enough to be living it this way. Dear Warrior Dash, BRING IT. By 1030am tomorrow, if everything goes as planned, I'll be a warrior. Dear Family, I can't wait to see you all at the Flying Pig Ranch! Dear Self, Remember to breath, be honest, and laugh. You can get through anything if you can do those three things.

 PS) If you haven't checked out the blog below, you're missing out. Ashely is an extremely talented writer & photographer. Her blog cracks me up on a pretty regular basis. And she hosts this lovely Friday's Letters link-up, so what's not to love? :)