Thursday, August 9, 2012


Today, I feel thankful.

I stopped at Copper Rock this morning on my way to work (as I usually do). However, instead of making my regular drink, a 16 ounce iced americano, I poured a 16 ounce dark roast coffee. Why the change? Well, because it isn't 100* anymore. It is a crisp low 70s when I leave my house in the morning. That tells me summer is on its way out and fall is finding it way in. I love the changing of the seasons.

16oz Three Peaks Roast
I put in a 15 hour day yesterday. Woke up at 530a, got dressed & ready, out the door and on the road at 6a. After a stop at Copper Rock (northside) for a 20oz iced americano and peanut butter flax seed bar, I was off to Green Bay where I spent the next 8 hours at beautiful Oneida Golf and Country Club. I worked a par 3 hole - chatting away with golfers, making bets with US Venture Bucks and enjoying the perfect summer day. I then made my way to Van Abel's in good 'ol Hollandtown. The 17,000 square foot tent was abuzz with excitement from the day's events and anticipation for the night's speakers: Nancy Lopez welcomed Jack Nicklaus to the stage. But at the end of the night, the real reason for the 15 hour day came down to this one number: 1.85 million. That's dollars raised, folks. One.million.eight.hundred.and.fifty.dollars. All being matched by the JJ Keller family foundation. All being designated to grants for organizations fighting the root causes of poverty. All staying in our community. (Speechless and teary-eyed over here)

800 golfers + 120 dinner guests + volunteers = $1,850,000
This golf outing started 27 years ago and made $48,000 in their first year. Don't ever underestimate the power of a few people working hard for a great cause. The Schmidt and Keller families could move mountains if they put their minds to it. I'm convinced, and in awe of their dedication.