Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Be Well

Remember this post? I made a couple goals in 2012. *birds chirping* Right. I figure before I go on making my 2013 goals, I should assess my progress on my 2012 goals.

I'm going to start with Be Well. Basically, I wanted to make my health and well being a priority. When I first graduated college and moved back to Appleton, I joined the Y and started two classes: Boot Camp and Strength & Stretch (now Core). I also signed up for the No Boundaries 5k Training through Fleet Feet. I got my ass kicked in boot camp, and somehow managed to run my first 5k with having only trained one day per week for 10 weeks. Strength & Stretch turned out to be the real winner for me and I kept going a regular basis for about a year. Last summer (2011) my life got a little crazier, I had a social life and friends and better things to do than break a sweat at class. What was I thinking?!

While not working out, or really being active in any meaningful way (I ran with JoBeth maybe 4 times a month consistently...), I was also drinking my fair share of beer. My diet was pretty spotty, at best. I would buy awesome, healthy, organic foods at the grocery store or farmers market but was never home to eat them so they went bad. It is fair to say that I deserved the 9 pounds I put on.

Fast forward to 2012. I continued to buy healthy food, and did a little better at eating it rather than wasting it. This became even more true once I moved into the ABC house. I took healthy foods to work for lunch and generally just snacked on healthy foods at home for dinner. My beer intake decreased substantially which helped me get rid of most of those unwanted 9 pounds. (Note: I do know 9 pounds doesn't sound like a lot. And in reality, the only time I really go on a scale is at the doctor's office. But 9 pounds looks and feels like 19 on my petite frame and that is what I am more concerned with.) However, I was still mostly inactive and feeling weaker by the day.

Enter: my neurologist. As we know from this post, I was a bit of a medical experiment this fall. The conclusion my neurologist came to after seeing nothing but normal tests was that I didn't handle stress well. She prescribed me a few diet changes (less caffeine, more fruits/veggies, more water), quiet daily meditation, and exercise. Reality check: when did I have time to exercise?! Yeah, I was "that girl" with such a busy life that exercise just didn't fit. Real smart, Crystal.

Now here I am. No 8-4 job anymore (except next week when I'm at copper rock monday - thursday during those hours...visit me?). I knew that this was the ideal time to get back on track. So, off to Fleet Feet I went to buy me some new running shoes. You saw them here. They're hott, right? Hot pink, I mean. And off to the Y I went. Crystal, meet treadmill. Treadmill, meet Crystal. Oh, and welcome back to MW Core. YES. And now, I even have someone to keep me honest about a Monday/Wednesday cardio workout. (thanks, Elizabeth!)

I'm turning over a new leaf, people. I am going to get fit. I am going to eat healthy. I am going to get strong. I am going to feel better. Smiles all around!