Thursday, January 17, 2013


You know, like inspiration, but with blogs. are the blogs that inspire me; not just to blog, but also in my day to day life. There are some amazing ladies out there! If you know of any blogs that I might like, please pass them on :)

Hopes and Dreams
This blog follows Jessi and her hubby, John, as they embark through life's journey with their little man, James.  I love reading about her love story, but also appreciate her realness. She doesn't hide her insecurities or shortcomings. Jessi went to school for family and relationship communication and has a great series on being single and dating. Actually, she has a lot of really great series on her blog...

The Sweet Season
This is the blog that inspired me to start doing Friday's Letters (she created this fun linkup). Ashley is funny, creative, and has an admirable faith in God. Her blog is my go-to place for inspiration when I hit a block in my writing!

The Daybook
I am almost embarrassed to say how addicted I am to this blog. Sydney has the most amazing writing style and her blog will literally (actually, figuratively) suck you in! If you need any sort of fashion inspiration, or a boost of confidence to know that you can wear whatever you feel great in, head on over to her blog. Or if you just want to laugh, cry, and spend three hours reading about life with an adorable little baby.