Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I have to be honest

I love not having a full time job. There. I said it. Obviously losing my job wasn't fun, per se. However, these last few weeks have been so fulfilling for me. I have been able to choose what to do and when, and have felt more in control of my own life than I had in a long time. Anyone who has been around in the last few weeks knows that I have been far from lazy. My days still somehow manage to fill up, I still have to-do lists that seem to take forever to get through, and I am in fact still working. The difference is that I am doing so much more of what I really want to be doing without any of the tedious tasks that come with a full time job. (Side note: I loved working at Housing Partnership. I am passionate about the organization and its work, and I loved the people. The job just wasn't right for me. End note.)

I also figured I would answer this since I get asked about it on a fairly regular basis: no, I am not going to collect unemployment. Would the extra money be nice? Of course. But the problem is that unemployment requires me to be actively looking for a job. ...I'm not doing that. Again, it isn't that I want to just sit around on my couch all day and not do anything. That couldn't be further from the truth. The truth is, I am going to back to school so I can take the next step in my career journey and move into a field that feeds my passion (education). So for now, ABC and Copper Rock are plenty for me. Does that mean I'll be living like a college student again? Yup. My bank account reminds me of that every day. But here's the thing: my happiness and fulfillment do not come from money or from my job. I have found in the last few months that what drives me more than anything is following my passions.

For the next year I will be holding three main roles: resident director, barista, and student. After that, who knows? I will have my M.Ed. in Educational Leadership and can begin exploring some new territory. But for now, I'm going to enjoy this time. This is the gap year I never had, and I plan to take full advantage of it. Yes, that also means I will be going to Europe for 30 days this summer. Thanks, friends, for your support! This is an exciting time for me and I look forward to all that I have to experience and learn!

Also, I am going to work on my writing skills. Can you say passive voice much? Yikes.