Sunday, January 13, 2013


I feel like this is a fitting post considering the title of my blog. And really, I like using this space to record my thoughts and feelings (ramblings). So that's just what I plan to today!


1) I bought a pair of boxer briefs this weekend. For myself. To wear to bed. And let me just say...I'm in love. Where have these been all my life?! I had a friend in high school who wore boxer briefs to bed, but I was more into baggy sleeping attire back then. In the last five years, my pajamas have become less about coverage, and more about comfort. And comfort has turned into a very strong 'less is more' ideal. So given all that, boxer briefs are amazing.

2) I'm pretty sure I could live off of four food items right now: pita bread, hummus, apples, peanut butter. I eat two, if not all four, of those every single day. The apple & peanut butter has been going on for over a month now. I used to be able to make a jar of peanut butter last an entire year I used it so rarely. Now? I go through one a week. Whoa. Incidentally, does anyone have a good hummus recipe? I finally found tahini and am ready to start making my own killer creations.

3) I'm in the process of setting some goals for 2013. The year is off to a pretty decent start, but there are a few things I want to make sure I accomplish. There are also a few lessons I have learned and I want to make sure they stay fresh in my mind. Once I have them set I am going to post my goals here, but I'm also looking for ways to have them even more visual for me. Maybe a background on my iPad? A sticky note on my alarm clock? A cute print in the bathroom? We'll see. I want this to be a great year, and I've learned that the more aware I can be of my actions, the better my choices and the happier I am.


1) I let myself go way too long without doing laundry again. I'm talking an entire duffle bag full of clothes, plus my flannel sheets in my hamper. On the plus side, I came across a weird spurt of motivation and went through my closet getting rid of (almost) anything I hadn't worn in 6 months. This led to a massive Goodwill pile and some major closet reorganizing. And yet, I don't seem to have any more room in my closet than I did before.

2) With not having a full time day job anymore, I find myself getting a little lazy in the dressing department. I'm not going into an office, so I'm not nearly as concerned with looking super presentable. But that doesn't give me an excuse to wear jeans, a tshirt and a cardigan every single day. Or leggings and flannel every other day. Solution? I might try a 30 for 30 challenge. What's this? I pick out a total of 30 items from my closet and can only make outfits from those pieces for 30 days. I saw this on another blog and thought it sounded fun. It would force me to get a little more creative with my outfits. And a little creativity never hurt anyone.