Saturday, January 12, 2013

Stressed spelled backwards is desserts....

Here's the deal. I'm not always healthy when I'm stressed. The ABC boys have learned that if they see me baking in the kitchen, or come home to a fresh batch of cookies, something is up. Luckily, the treadmill has been like a magnet to me in the last few days so my unhealthy stress relief technique wasn't so awful today. Nonetheless, I spent the morning baking. I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, banana bread, and no bake energy bites. I know, I know. Real unhealthy, right? (Ok, give me a break. I really am trying to turn over a new leaf!)
If I were a real lifestyle blogger (a girl can dream) I would have taken perfect photos of all of my prep work with these treats. In my spotless white kitchen. With adorable matching tools and utensils. And a DSLR camera. Ahem, maybe not.

But I do have a few scrumptious photos. I wish you could smell my kitchen through the screen- so good. I gave you the links to the recipes I used, because they're definitely worth repeating! Except the cookies. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are sort of my specialty, but today...I failed. First, I couldn't find my go-to recipe. Since I was already on this healthy baking kick, I thought I would try a new recipe out. I think I need a little more practice with sugar and oil and egg substitutions. And definitely with wheat flour.

For the record: the banana bread uses applesauce instead of oil and honey instead of sugar. And it was successful with wheat flour! Oh, and those chunks of banana you see in there? SO GOOD. This is a recipe I will hang on to. It doesn't often happen that the first recipe you try is a winner (yes, this is my first banana bread!) but this one absolutely is. I am going to make one lucky man very happy someday with this recipe. Picture this: fresh banana bread on a Saturday morning (win) followed by banana bread French toast in bed on Sunday morning (double win). Seriously.