Friday, January 18, 2013

Taste Evolution

I have always been a relatively picky eater. You know Meg Ryan's pie order in When Harry Met Sally? Yes, I was that girl. "No onions, tomatoes, or mushrooms, please." "...but with no mayo." "Can you hold the pecans and gorgonzola?" "Do you have cheddar instead?" Yup. Servers loved me.

In the last few years I have worked to expand my palette. Onions and tomatoes: check. Nuts: check. Specialty cheeses: check (with the exception of blue cheese). Raspberries: check. I've done this mostly by forcing myself to eat the certain food until I finally like it.

There are four things I am determined to acquire a taste for in 2013. If you're out to eat with me and I order a dish with any of these items, DO NOT LET ME CUT THEM OUT. If I eat them enough, I'll like them. This has been proven. Not with mayo though. That stuff is just gross, and I really don't see any need for it in my diet anyhow.

GUINNESS: I know. A beer snob like myself doesn't enjoy a pint of Guinness? I'll get there. I had a version of a Black and Tan earlier this week and actually like it a lot. I'm going to call it a Black Cow because the bartender used Spotted Cow. (My other option was a Black and Blue- with Blue Moon. They didn't have Bass on tap)

MUSHROOMS: I am already working on this one too. I shared an appetizer of mushrooms in a flaky filo dough a few weeks ago and was not choking them down. If they are in the right flavor combination, I think I will be able to manage these.

BLUEBERRIES: Again, I've had them in smoothies, but I still can't quite manage to eat them on their own. But they are SO good for you, so I'm determined.

CHOCOLATE AND PEANUT BUTTER: Blasphemous, right? I don't like chocolate and peanut butter together. This one is really just on here because I feel like a bit of a disgrace to the female gender by not liking it. Even when I make puppy chow I use about half the amount of peanut butter it calls for just to make sure I don't really have to taste it. Anyone have a good place to start with this?

One of these days (or years) I'll have to add fish to this list. But I'm not ready for that yet. Now, like I said, please hold me to this list! I want to like all of these things, but I won't get there if I don't try them...over and over and over and over again.