Monday, January 7, 2013

True Blessings

When I did the 30 days of thanks during November, I remember feeling particularly blessed and happy for the entire month. Once December started and life's pace quickened, I realized I wasn't taking the time every day to be thankful for all that I have. While I may not publicly share my daily thanks, I am going to get back into that habit. For now, I want to share two things I am incredibly grateful for lately.

My wonderful mother. I was driving home from Stevens Point yesterday and called my mom to catch up on the weekend activities. We were talking about this, that, and the other thing when she stopped and said: "I am so glad we are able to have these candid conversations." I agree 110%. My mom and I have always had an amazingly positive relationship. Growing up, especially in middle school and high school, I remember my girlfriends' constant fights and struggles with their moms. I was never able to join in those conversations because I didn't have those experiences. I tell people my mom and I are so lucky to have the relationship that we have; but in all fairness, we work really damn hard to have this relationship. Have we ever been the fighting and catty mother and daughter? Never. But that's not to say we haven't had our share of disagreements. What sets up apart (in my opinion) is that we always center our conversations around love, respect, and openness. I share everything (maybe to a fault?) with my mom. And she gives me incredibly honest and candid advice. There have been times when she has given me advice that I wasn't ready to hear, so I didn't. But it seems to always come back to me when I am ready for it.

A changing life. In the last few weeks I have gone through some significant changes. I spent November sharing all that I was thankful for and it really put me in the perfect place to begin this process of changing. There have been a few times in the last couple of weeks where I stop and just realize how blessed I am. Some of the changes in my life lately have been hard (really, who wants to get let go from their job right before the holidays) but I feel so good about the direction of my life and can't help but focus on all that is good. Maybe I sound naive and unrealistic, but that's just who I am. Here's the part that I am most proud of: my happiness is truly within me. I look around my life, and have plenty to be thankful for, and plenty of sources of happiness, but what I gained most in 2012 was inner peace and self happiness. And that's what is going to reap benefits during 2013.