Saturday, May 11, 2013

Good Food

You know what I like? Desserts that don't make me bloated. Thank goodness for Happy Bellies Bakery! 

Everything is gluten free. Most is dairy free. Quite a bit is low-glycemic. And some of it is vegan. 

How can you go wrong with that?! (Let's ignore the use of soy as a dairy substitute, can we?)

Now, I want to get a few things straight about this new "Paleo diet" of mine. 

First, I actually hate calling it Paleo. The reasoning behind the name is that "research" says this is what our Paleolithic ancestors ate. After watching this TEDTalk, I don't buy it. We can call it Paleo because it's easy, but it isn't historically accurate. 

Second, it isn't a diet. It's a lifestyle. I don't ever feel like I'm restricted in what I eat, therefore I don't consider myself on a diet. 

Third, the way I feel, and the way my body reacts, when I eat following the "Paleo" lifestyle is incredible. I have dramatically cut back my gluten and dairy intake. Did you know that it's possible to make it through a meal, an entire DAY, without feeling bloated?! I had no idea. I had no idea I could go a day without making jokes about my trips to the bathroom or my gas after consuming dairy. (TMI?!) Now I know. 

So that's where I am. I'm still going to eat cupcakes from Happy Bellies, even though they aren't "Paleo" and I'm still going to snack on cheese every now and then. What this lifestyle change has done for me is made me more aware of my body's needs and the things my body may not like. Because of what I have learned, I'm going to continue to cut out gluten and other grains and I am going to keep my dairy to a minimum. I'm going to keep experimenting to learn how my body reacts to certain foods (has my acne lessened because of my sudden cut off of peanut butter?!) and I'm going to keep eating to make my body feel good. 

There is no miracle diet or food lifestyle. The important thing is to follow your body's cues. The food you eat should make your body feel good. Adverse reactions to food (headaches, gas, bloating, tiredness) are NOT normal, and they can be avoided if you determine the food instigator. 

(And I'm stepping off my high horse now...)

Go try a cupcake from Happy Bellies! This is the green tea shortie. Delicious!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Sweat and Tears

Until about 7:05pm today, I had never cried during a work out.

I have tried the gamut of workout routines: from yoga to running to group exercise to boot camp. Nothing has made me work as hard as CrossFit does. Nothing has had me in tears trying to take my last round of push ups deeper, or finish my workout in under 6 minutes.

But nothing has ever made me feel as proud of myself, of the strength of my body, of my ability to keep pushing after I felt I should have been done.

I officially drank the kool-aid. And I like it.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Life Changing

Do you remember the specific moments when your life changed dramatically? Do you remember how you felt?

I feel... excited, hopeful, grateful, happy, nervous, loved, supported. 

A few facts:
I turn 25 in 4 weeks.
I have spent all 25 years, with the exception of four 8 month periods, living in Appleton, WI.
I visited Denver, CO in 2004 as part of a senior high work trip through MPC.
I fell in love with Denver and have wanted to go back since the day we left.
I am craving an adventure.

I made a life changing decision a few weeks ago, and the plan is officially in motion with details falling into place in ways I never expected.

It is time for me to take a leap of faith. To listen to my gut and my heart.

I am moving to Colorado. 

I am packing up Stella (my little red Corolla) and embarking on the 17 hour drive. I am going to find a job and a cute apartment, finish grad school in the mountains, and hopefully land a dream job at one of the many universities in that beautiful state! As of now, the plan is to leave in September, after a summer full of races and a beautiful cousin's wedding. If a job calls me out there earlier, I'll make things work. I am open to every possibility this great adventure gives me.

Another really important fact: I have the best, and most supportive, friends, family, boyfriend and board! This was a long, and sometimes painful, decision process, but in the end, I feel so good about the direction my life is heading!