Thursday, May 2, 2013

Life Changing

Do you remember the specific moments when your life changed dramatically? Do you remember how you felt?

I feel... excited, hopeful, grateful, happy, nervous, loved, supported. 

A few facts:
I turn 25 in 4 weeks.
I have spent all 25 years, with the exception of four 8 month periods, living in Appleton, WI.
I visited Denver, CO in 2004 as part of a senior high work trip through MPC.
I fell in love with Denver and have wanted to go back since the day we left.
I am craving an adventure.

I made a life changing decision a few weeks ago, and the plan is officially in motion with details falling into place in ways I never expected.

It is time for me to take a leap of faith. To listen to my gut and my heart.

I am moving to Colorado. 

I am packing up Stella (my little red Corolla) and embarking on the 17 hour drive. I am going to find a job and a cute apartment, finish grad school in the mountains, and hopefully land a dream job at one of the many universities in that beautiful state! As of now, the plan is to leave in September, after a summer full of races and a beautiful cousin's wedding. If a job calls me out there earlier, I'll make things work. I am open to every possibility this great adventure gives me.

Another really important fact: I have the best, and most supportive, friends, family, boyfriend and board! This was a long, and sometimes painful, decision process, but in the end, I feel so good about the direction my life is heading!