Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday's Letters: Denver Edition

 BIG thank you to the Blackstock/Carlisle family for helping 
me explore the amazing scenery Colorado has to offer.

Dear Denver, There may have been a bit of a flood issue when I first arrived, but I can't help how at home I feel. Dear Friends & Family, I miss you all so, so, so much. I'm all settled into my apartment now. Feel free to start visiting! Also, a major thank you for all of the support. The last three weeks haven't always been easy, but having such fantastic people to support me has been a real blessing. Dear Heather & Gemma (The Cat), Thanks for being such welcoming roommates! Apartment 27 is an amazing little home, and I'm so glad to share it with you. Dear Avalanche, That was a rocking season opener & an amazing first NHL experience! Dear both jobs, You all rock. Thank you for helping me get acquainted with my job, with the organizations, with the people. I feel so good about both positions I have and am grateful for all that I'm learning.  Dear Thursday Night Dinner, It felt so ridiculously good to really belly laugh and smile...for 8 straight hours. Thanks to PaleOMG for the get in my belly/he had two full plates honey ginger apple shredded pork recipe. I like finding recipes that make me look like a good cook! Dear Self, I am so proud. Three weeks in and never once have I thought about picking up and going back home. I'm living my dream, and I am finding my stride. I can do this.