Monday, November 18, 2013

A Blast From the Past

Our mind does funny things with memories. Mostly in the way memories come back with just the slightest provocation. Some are more obvious- a liked photo on Facebook which spurs a conversation. Some less so- a quote on an assignment sheet. I'm a very emotional person; I don't think anyone who knows me will deny that. As such, every little memory I have draws emotion from me.

The Facebook photo, and subsequent conversation, flooded my mind with the feelings surrounding the thought of what could have been...and maybe what still could be. Only time will tell. 

The quote reminded me how I got to where I am, where my confidence to make a life-changing decision came from. It reminded me of the person who saw through my game, saw the fear inside, and told me I could be better. 

Not all memories are good, and they don't all bring forth good feelings. But today, today I am focusing on these two memories which have sparked conversations with people from different, yet not so distant, times in my life. My present life is fantastic. And these additions from the past are more than welcome.