Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday's Letters

This might be a little true. -High Fidelity
Dear Snowy Weather, I am really excited to see the snow, but I'm already missing the blue skies and sunshine. Dear Thanksgiving, Next week! Already! Whoa. I'm especially thankful that I have somewhere to eat turkey and be around good people (Thanks, Steve & Beth). Dear Bank Account, I'm basically a  poor college student again. I bet you didn't miss these days. Sorry. I'm working on remedying this situation, I promise. Dear Job Search, It's not too early to start looking, right? I'll have a masters degree in just about two months! Dear Denver Ladies, Between Friday happy hours and midweek breakfasts, I'm feeling pretty darn lucky to have such great friends here! Dear Roommate, I sent you text that said "She fell off the couch, but she's fine!" without attaching the video of Gemma chasing a light on the wall and losing her footing on the back of the couch. Sorry for the mini heart attack. Dear CrossFit Colfax Friendsgiving, The box Halloween party apparently got a little crazy, I'm excited to see if turkey and stuffing has the same effect. Dear Self, Always remember that happiness is a journey, not a destination. If you're happy today, nothing else  matters.