Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Steve & Beth, Thanks for letting me join your family for my first-ever-away-from-home Thanksgiving. So thankful for you two! Dear Blue Skies and Sunshine, Loving this weather. Way to be awesome, Denver. Dear Ladies Ski Trip, Can't wait for next weekend!!! Even though I may have to limit my skiing to one day, it's going to be an amazing ladies weekend in the mountains. Dear Swim Suit, How awesome is it to be perfectly comfortable slipping into a bikini in the middle of the winter? Bring on the hot tub next weekend! Dear CrossFit, Two things: if you're in Appleton and considering CF, now is the time to do it. Josh is offering On Ramp for HALF PRICE. Seriously, CF Vanguard is top notch. Second: Only three more weeks in the squat cycle and then it's time crush some PRs. CANNOT WAIT. Dear Frontier, I hope I'm able to change my flight around so I can be in Oshkosh for the Placement Exchange... 300+ higher ed/res life/student affairs positions in 33 states? Yup. I need to be there. Dear December, I'm not one to wish days away, but if December 24 could just get here, I would be ok with that. I'm ready to be on a plane to see my family. Dear Self, It's ok to be stressed, just keep a positive attitude. Not all seasons of life are going to be easy or comfortable, but you have to keep going forward and working towards your goals. The hard work will pay off in the end.