Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Taking Stock

Saw this on a few other blogs and thought it would be a creative way to organize my thankful-thoughts. Plus, I love lists.

Making: my dreams come true.
Cooking: sweet potatoes and bacon. err'day.
Drinking: almond milk egg nog. oh yes. i went there.
Reading: all the deets for my action research project. time to earn this masters degree.
Wanting: christmas with my fam.
Looking: at the mountains. every day.
Playing: scategories to pass time at the salon.
Wasting: the last few sips of coffee in my mug.
Sewing: *crickets* ...someday.
Wishing: on the stars.
Enjoying: every day life.
Waiting: for my ladies ski trip weekend.
Liking: my life.
Wondering: what my future holds.
Loving: my tripod gang & watching baby schuler kick. 
Hoping: for continued happiness.
Marveling: denver weather - blue skies, sunshine, 60 degrees. mountains in the background. breathtaking.
Needing: to slow down.
Smelling: bacon.
Wearing: spandex & fleece.
Following: my dreams.
Noticing: little details.
Knowing: i'm loved.
Thinking: about food. lots of food.
Feeling: just a little bit giddy.
Bookmarking: recipes.
Opening: papers & group presentations.
Giggling: with the tripod gang over nonsensical messages.
feeling: abundantly thankful.