Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A New Leaf

"I'm turning over a new leaf."

We have all heard this phrase, and have probably even spoken it ourselves. Well, I'm here to say: I am turning over a new leaf. A couple leaves, actually. 

I have officially completed all course work for my masters degree. Baring an unexpected failure on my final project, I will have my official, completed transcripts in 6-8 weeks. New leaf #1: no more school! (For now)

For the last few weeks, I have had trouble finding the motivation necessary to get my butt to crossfit. And when I do go, I can't help but focus on what hurts. My back, my shoulder, my knees. Something is always nagging at me. I remember when I first started, and then even more when I learned how to really fuel my body for the work I was doing, it felt so good. There weren't injuries fighting their way to the surface, and I felt like a badass pretty much every single day. Today, none of that is true. 

So, new leaf #2: I'm taking a break from crossfit. I started a 30-day yoga challenge this week and rediscovered my love for yogurt (dairy free, duh), granola, and fruit. I've also had an itch to run a lot lately, so I'll probably give that a try. I know I'm going to miss lifting weights, so I am going to find a "globo-gym" to join to satisfy that need. But more than anything, I'm going to get my health and fitness routine back to where it started: a way to make me feel my absolute best. 

If I were to sum up what my adventure is Colorado has taught me up to this point, I would say: I've learned that there is absolutely no reason you should be anything but happy. 

It's amazing how much life can change when you live with that truth. Even the most stressful of times (like when you're locked out of your apartment for 8 hours, or when writing the final page of research feels like a novel) can be seen with a positive light. When you focus on what's making you happy (an amazing man who is locked out with you, or being less than 24 hours away from the end of grad school) you can't help but feel a little better. New leaf #3: release the stress, embrace the good. 

I am so excited to see what this next season of my life holds, and I am confident that big things will unfold at just the right time. Until then, it feels good to be back on the blog.