Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday's Letters: Super Villain Edition

My first guest blogger! A man after my own heart, sharing in one of my favorite past-times. Without further ado, Brian's letters...

Dear Winter, I have always loved the magic and beauty of new snow, sipping hot beverages while hiding from your blustery winds, and how you make Wisconsinites tough, but I am so done with you—go away. Dear Stacey, try not to get Crystal sick this weekend while enjoying a weekend of not-so-Denveresque weather and running. Dear iphone, will I ever manage to successfully install a screen protector without bubbles, dust, or miss-alignment? Dear frozen pizzas and crappy beer, I’m okay if we don’t spend any time together for the foreseeable future. Dear Grandma, thank you again for the chocolate and butterscotch chip cookies—I hope your cold goes away soon! Dear car, I’m sorry about plowing you into that wall of chunky snow to get in the parking lot yesterday—I promise to wash you one of these days. Dear mailman, thanks for delivering both the mail and the keys I left in our office door yesterday--I would have never found them. Dear Lauren, I loved and am so proud of your story about standing up for another kid in your class and comparing it to the work I do. Dear February 28th, could you do me a favor and cut in line? Dear Crystal, each new day we share together makes me a better and happier person than the day before—I am so grateful. Dear me, remember--only so much can be shown to you, the rest is your choice.

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