Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Taking Stock, part 2

Sometimes, it's easier to make a list. 
Making : green smoothies for breakfast
Cooking : dinner for the week on Sunday nights with B (cooking dates via skype are awesome!)
Drinking : coffee from my french press
Reading : Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, and loving it, despite its slow start
Wanting : yoga classes to be less expensive
Looking: forward to exciting trips coming up, starting with a visit from Stacey this weekend!
Playing: Spanish-learning games on my DuoLingo app
Wasting: the last few sips of coffee (still)
Sewing: my mom is doing enough of this for both of us
Wishing: for contentment in the present
Enjoying: this season of my life, and the growth that is coming because of the struggle
Waiting: anxiously for JB to have her baby
Liking: the way God's plan is playing out
Wondering: how my interviews will go at the end of February
Loving: my amazingly supportive parents
Hoping: for a job in my field
Marveling: at how different life is when you focus on gratitude and your blessings
Needing: a little more stability
Smelling: fresh coffee and lemon mint dish soap
Wearing: yoga pants and a comfy sweater
Following: my heart
Noticing: how time can go so quickly, and so slowly at the same time
Knowing: that it will all work out
Thinking: about the things I didn't get done this afternoon
Feeling: happy, loved, grateful, anxious
Bookmarking: recipes and jobs
Opening: tax information
Giggling: at inappropriate ecards with the tripod

(part 1 found here)