Sunday, May 11, 2014

Leap of Faith

One of my favorite photos from Colorado; hiking at St. Mary's Glacier

"Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith." - Margaret Shepard

My faith has grown exponentially in the last eight months, there is no doubt about it. While I knew I would need to lean into my faith as I made the move from Wisconsin to Colorado, I had no idea the impact would be as great as it has been. As my faith has grown, I, too have grown. 

When I left for Denver on September 9, there was a small part of me that thought I would be making plans to move home by Christmas. But there was a much bigger part of me that hoped I would make my home in Denver. I can assure you, I never expected to end up on the path I am on.

At this time, in exactly three weeks, I will be laying my head down in bed next to the man I plan to spend my life with. In the house we will share for the foreseeable future. In Wisconsin. This was not my plan when I packed up my Corolla eight months ago and headed out West. 

So, what changed my mind? Faith. I prayed about this decision more than I talked about it. And in doing so, I am able to say that my faith is leading my journey. 

When you pack up all of your belongings, and leave everything that you know, you're taking a leap of faith. You're saying that you have confidence everything will work out, that your plan is unfolding just as it should. Even in this moment, when everything is unsure, you are confident. 

When you move to a city without your trusted companions, your friends and family who have always helped you through tough decisions, you're taking a leap of faith. You no longer have the option to spend hours dissecting a situation and analyzing all of the possible solutions. At least, not with your usual group of life-coaches and advisors. You're on your own. Whether you have said the words or not, you have told yourself and everyone in your life that you are capable of making big life choices...through faith.

Here I am, less than three weeks away from my second cross-country move in a nine-month period. I am packing up all of my belongings, leaving behind everything I have learned to know, moving onto an unknown chapter in my life. I am taking a leap of faith. I am trusting that everything will work out, that my plan is unfolding just as it should. And I am confident. I am confident because I made this decision for me. I made this decision through faith.

A previous pastor at my church in Appleton once said, "I don't have answers. I have faith." Ever since I heard him say that, probably close to eight years ago now, I have held onto it as my own personal mantra for my faith, and my life. I don't have the answers for some of the questions in my mind. But I don't need them. I have faith.