Tuesday, May 13, 2014

{Taking Stock} Part 3

Making : a mess while I start packing
Cooking : meals that use up food in my cupboards
Drinking : sub-part coffee from Starbucks
Reading : Barefoot, a novel that I started a while ago but then forgot about it
Wanting : ice cream from Little Man
Looking: at the unhappy trees from so much snow yesterday
Playing: too much Dice with Buddies
Wasting: the last few sips of coffee (still)
Sewing: pillows for my dad when I was home in March
Wishing: for summer nights around a campfire
Enjoying: the blogging community
Waiting: for money from selling my textbooks
Liking: extra hours at the hair salon as I train new hostesses
Wondering: if my golf clubs and cross country skis will fit in my car
Loving: my amazingly supportive parents (always)
Hoping: for a full-time job
Marveling: at mother nature's capriciousness
Needing: a little more sunshine
Smelling: coffee and fresh baked goods
Wearing: yoga pants and a fleece...in may
Following: God's plan
Noticing: patterns in life
Knowing: that May 29 will be here before I know
Thinking: happy, grateful thoughts
Feeling: content
Bookmarking: charcoal grills on craigslist
Opening: confirmation emails from prospective employers
Giggling: at goofy faces on skype dates

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