Saturday, February 28, 2015

This is Not a Test

I've written multiple times on this blog about life lessons and learning from making the same mistake multiple times. I don't know if it was blissful ignorance or true naïveté, but I truly thought that some of those lessons were over, that I had finally learned them and life wouldn't throw them my way again. Well, I'm here to admit that I was wrong. 

Life is a series of lessons and obstacles and experiences, each meant to teach you something that will help you during the next lesson, obstacle or experience. The learning never stops. There is no end to this course, no final exam or standardized test that will tell you when you have finally reached a certain level of knowledge. No. You have to just keep going, keep progressing through life and hoping that eventually you feel more comfortable with yourself so the lessons and obstacles can be positive learning experiences as opposed to devastating stumbling blocks. 

I do think I have made it to a place in my life where I can see the rough spots as positive learning experiences. I've learned to not let little things knock me down, but instead allow them to show me a piece of myself that might still need work. I am a work in progress. And life is what inspires me to grow and develop and learn.